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Little Imprints

They say you can never lose something you never had
But what a beautiful thing it is to have loved
Someone that was so close, yet far away
How do we say good-bye?

Like time suspended,
A wound untended,
You and us

Your little imprints on our hearts forever
In Memoriam


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Rebuked, she turned and ran,
Seeking refuge in the up-hill barn,
Anger burnt in her like a dark fire
Inspiring the madness higher.

She felt overwhelmed by its power,
Her life flashed by making her suffer
Anger smirked with pleasure
Ruining her composure for a good measure

The anger caused pain inside
And the pain in turn, will cause
More malice to her hand.
Too terrible to understand

She forced her breath steady
To face her anger she was ready
She saw the still water in the trough
The calm within forced the anger back off

It is when we retreat in anger
We think we burn alone
And there is no balm.
Then the water enters without a sound, always.


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Sands of Time

By herself along
Melodies of a song
Visions of the past
The wicked spell cast
At the rays of dawn
Images of hope upon
In happiness sublime
On with the sands of time

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becauseBecause I know you won’t look at me the same way.
Because my dreams will never come true.
Because I will never give up on you.
Because I’ll never be a choice.
Because I just want you to be happy
Because I’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay
Because I’m just your friend.
Because you will never love me.

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My Parents

I wasn’t raised in a palace
Or fed with a silver spoon
I wasn’t taught money is all,
Or to give up when I fall.

I wasn’t raised to tread the popular path
But carve my own from all my worth
You are the reason I am so strong
With you two nothing could go wrong my_parents

An epitome of beauty, poise and grace,
Overflowing with love through and through
Quiet determination on your face,
Amma, when in trouble, I hope I am half as strong as you

An embodiment of strength and energy
Sulking rarely, cracking jokes hard to construe
Your unshakeable faith and honesty amazes me,
Appa, when in a dilemma, I hope to be as prudent as you

You have taught me much of growing up
Of life and several other wondrous things
But mainly how love has no seeming end
Like shimmering bonds of golden rings.

Poem #30  for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

Culture, experience, friend, life, NaPoWriMo

Cartoon Network

A huge smile or giggle is bound to appear,
Like a friendly hand that wipes away a tear.
The world has not seen anything this funny,
Nothing like Cartoons to make your day sunny.

The thrilling chases between Jerry and Tom,
All-time favorite among even dad and mom
The crazy ol’ Sylvester and the cute little Tweety,
The wonderful creations of the Walt Disney.

Mickey and Donald are the cutest of all,
The goofy Scooby Doo standing tall.
Looney Tunes headed by Bugs Bunny, cartoon_network
The laughter makes you hold your tummy

How about Popeye the Sailor man?
The power he derives from his spinach can.
The brave antics of the super cool duo Swat Kats!
Razor with his missiles and T-bone with his Turbokat

Traversing across the age of the Flintstones,
To the ultra modern era of the Jetsons,
Townsville being saved yet again by Powerpuff Girls
Raw Saiyan power in Dragonball Z leaves you in a whirl

Always eyes glued on to the TV,
Till late night not feeling a bit sleepy.
Watching cartoons is a hobby of years,
It’s close to our hearts like a souvenir.

These characters will never fade from memory
They have a place in the world history.
Even if they aren’t telecast any more, they remain,
As a testimony to the wonderful childhood we gained.

Poem #29 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

experience, life, NaPoWriMo, Poetry

I Never

I never put my things away
I never have to groom
I never care how much I weigh
I never use a broom
I never turn off the television
I never carry a cell phone i_never
I never perform arithmetic division
I never pay off my loan
I never knew that life would be a cinch
For a bird like me

Poem #26 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge