Tennis Journalists & Roger

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Federer loses to Canas twice in 2007: Looks like he might be done soon!
Federer wins 3 slams in 2007: Eh, didn’t win the French Open though, bit disappointing, he’s probably done soon.
Federer loses to Djokovic at AO 08: Federer’s done, out with the old, in with the new!
Federer loses Wimbledon 2008 final: What an epic match! Just proves that Federer is done!
Federer wins US Open 2008: That was his last major! He’s definitely still done!
Federer loses to Nadal in AO 09 final: Who cries on the podium? Only people who are DONE.
Federer wins French Open and completes career slam: Alright, good work Fed. It’s lucky that you got it now, it was your last chance, because you’re pretty much done.
Federer wins 15th slam: Eh, he’s still old. People at his age are always pretty much almost done.
Federer loses US Open 09 final: Can’t even compete against non-Nadal any more? Done!
Federer loses in French Open 2010 quarters: No more semi-final streak? D – O – N – E
Federer wins World Tour Finals 2010: Everyone else was napping… he’s still done.
Federer loses torturous US Open 2011 semi final: Wasn’t that unfortunate! Hasn’t won a slam all year! Face it folks, he is DONE.
Federer wins World Tour Finals 2011: Indoor specialist Federer! He’s totally done when you put him on a real court!
Federer loses AO 12 semis to Nadal: It is ALL about Rafole! Federer? That guy? Ha! Old news! He’s done!
Federer wins Wimbledon 2012 for 17th slam: Poor old Murray! The pressure got to him! Fed got his last slam. After this, definitely done.
Federer wins Olympic silver: HA! A mere silver! Commonly achieved by people who are done!
Federer reaches 302 weeks at #1: Nice perk for the old man! He’s done, by the way!
Federer about to compete in AO 2013: Federer’s done, everyone! Hasn’t got a chance! You’ll see!

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