Behind the Curtains

Hello folks :)
Hello folks 🙂

WHO  // Rohini Raman
WHERE  // Hyderabad, India
WHAT   // Software Engineer, Qualcomm
WHEN  // 2009 – Now
WHY  // Passion, Self-discovery and Living

In this blog, I share the experiences and thoughts from my day-to-day life – ranging from sports, books, relationships, travel experiences to general musings and at times rants! I try to be regular with my posts but it is hard to fight the laziness monster at times.

My average day is made up of – eating a lot of food, playing with Bubbles, freaking out at work, annoying my better half, listening to songs, reading books and trying to come up with new articles for my blog.

What Do I Believe In?
I believe in people and their abilities to change the world. The rest is here.

The Little Things
I dabble in some poetry writing occasionally. I am a proud survivor of the National Poetry Month Writing Challenge – a poem a day.

Books are a part of my being and you can often find me making lists of books to read! I have recently started a book review blog and you can catch me on GoodReads as well.

So if you like what you are reading, just hit the follow button or hit like the Facebook page for regular updates.Also, please do drop a line below so that I can catch up with you at your blog 🙂

Till then, see ya pals! (Yes, that is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference)


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