The National Poetry Writing Month is here!

It is time to churn out one poem a day for the month of April. 30 poems is a LONG way to go and I believe this would be a good challenge 🙂

Poem #1  Sea of Life – A take on a woman’s last few moments with references to the sea around her.

Poem #2 Good And Evil – Highlighting the importance of understanding the balance between good and evil within to lead a successful  life

Poem #3 Days of Summer – Describing the joys that summer season brings to our lives

Poem #4 What are we? – A rant on the plight of the women in the society

Poem #5 A Brighter Day – Finding hope for brighter days through despair

Poem #6 Chocolate – A comical take on the feelings of a chocolate addict 🙂

Poem #7 Never Forget – The importance of remembering one’s roots as seen from the eyes of a man who has risen above the odds

Poem #8 Talking to the Moon – The pain of separation leads of to a woman taking refuge in nature to find some comfort

Poem #9 Remember to Live – Advice from a person on death bed to live life to the fullest and not to get caught up in mindless schemes

Poem #10 The Mall – A comical(hopefully) take on the experiences at any shopping mall.

Poem #11 Silence – A series of couplets to describe the various facets of silence

Poem #12 Power Cut – The fears of a person facing a power outage on a dark night

Poem #13 See You Again – The feelings of a person throughout the day as he/she waits meet his/her loved one.

Poem #14 Clouds – A description of the fluffy clouds serenading the sky

Poem #15 Sunrise – Attempt at Haiku writing style to describe the sunrise

Poem #16 Moving On – Portraying the emotions of a person trying to move on from a relationship

Poem #17 An Ode to Coffee – Dedicated to coffee, one of the loves of my life

Poem #18 I’m a Child – A victim of child labor narrates what all he/she has lost in his/her life.

Poem #19 A Butterfly – An attempt to describe the ethereal beauty of a butterfly

Poem #20 The Mirror – The struggles of a friend personified as a mirror, to try and understand the pain behind the beautiful mask of another friend.

Poem #21 The Power of Music – Description of the impact of music on our very souls and the bond that we share with it

Poem #22 Sunny Rain – The miraculous healing powers of a “sunny rain” shower

Poem #23 Unhandled Exceptions – A poem highlighting the day-to-day life of a software engineer

Poem #24 Roger Federer – Dedicated to the man who is my constant source of inspiration and of course the tennis G.O.A.T.

Poem #25 Angels of the Night – An attempt to describe the mystic angels who always watch over us

Poem #26 I Never – A perspective on freedom from a bird’s viewpoint

Poem #27 Blue Bird – An attempt to understand the feeling of hope from the song of a bluebird in winter

Poem #28 The Bakery – My first ever sonnet on the pangs of love for a fresh slice of cake from the bakery early in the morn

Poem #29 Cartoon Network – A fond remembrance of the cartoons that became an inseparable part of our lives

Poem #30 My Parents – A fitting end to this challenge with a tribute to my parents who molded me into what I am today.



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