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Sea of Life

Worn out and groggy
With her eyesight foggy
She slowly rests her back
Eating a midnight snack

Through the mist in the sea,
Her life unfolds in memories
The war, the murders and the pain
night_beachShe sees all that was lost in vain.

In circles her thoughts swirl,
On her bed of sand she curls
Longing for the calm to wash over
As both time and she grow colder and older

The breeze soothes her aching limbs
With a seeming  gentle murmur of hymns
The sky littered with stars and moon
Is a new dawn a bane or a boon?

The wave and time have finally past,
Her power, Her strength, Her falling might,
With a smile, eyelids, slowly they close
Drifting into an eternal sleep, her spirit rose

At finding peace in the end!

Poem #1 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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