Comedy, experience, life, NaPoWriMo, Poetry

The Mall

A floor above, a floor below
Energy of visitors never low
Shops lined up front to back
None of them ever slack

Pumps, Wedges and Flats
Watches, Coolers and Hats
Cardigans, Tees and Tracks shopping_mall
Everything neatly in racks

A haven for lovers of gizmos
Ranging from Sony to Bose
You can watch all movies on,
With mouth full of popcorn

People flock here like a fair
Parking spaces you can’t snare
You can freak out in the mall
All in one, one in all

But all these cost sky-high
You keep questioning why.
Window shopping is the norm
Else your wallet is gone

Poem #10 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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