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Little Imprints

They say you can never lose something you never had
But what a beautiful thing it is to have loved
Someone that was so close, yet far away
How do we say good-bye?

Like time suspended,
A wound untended,
You and us

Your little imprints on our hearts forever
In Memoriam


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Rebuked, she turned and ran,
Seeking refuge in the up-hill barn,
Anger burnt in her like a dark fire
Inspiring the madness higher.

She felt overwhelmed by its power,
Her life flashed by making her suffer
Anger smirked with pleasure
Ruining her composure for a good measure

The anger caused pain inside
And the pain in turn, will cause
More malice to her hand.
Too terrible to understand

She forced her breath steady
To face her anger she was ready
She saw the still water in the trough
The calm within forced the anger back off

It is when we retreat in anger
We think we burn alone
And there is no balm.
Then the water enters without a sound, always.


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Sands of Time

By herself along
Melodies of a song
Visions of the past
The wicked spell cast
At the rays of dawn
Images of hope upon
In happiness sublime
On with the sands of time

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becauseBecause I know you won’t look at me the same way.
Because my dreams will never come true.
Because I will never give up on you.
Because I’ll never be a choice.
Because I just want you to be happy
Because I’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay
Because I’m just your friend.
Because you will never love me.

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Until We Meet Again

The clock ticks by; tis too hard to bear
When I realize you wont be here
And the only way to see you –
The mirror of past’s view

The memories that we have shared,
Over time a deep bond flared,
So unique and one of a kind, until_we_meet_again_final
A friend so hard to find

As you depart today for your education,
Seeking the epitome of perfection,
I’ll earnestly pray to the Almighty
That your victory be mighty.

Here, I am standing at the airport
Trying to say goodbye (of sort)
Later, I hope to be here again
Eagerly awaiting your plane

Twilight and resounding evening bell,
May there be no sadness of farewell,
And after that the seeming dark!
When you embark

A warm Farewell to thee from my heart,
One fond embrace here I depart
Through the sun and rain
Until we meet again.

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My Parents

I wasn’t raised in a palace
Or fed with a silver spoon
I wasn’t taught money is all,
Or to give up when I fall.

I wasn’t raised to tread the popular path
But carve my own from all my worth
You are the reason I am so strong
With you two nothing could go wrong my_parents

An epitome of beauty, poise and grace,
Overflowing with love through and through
Quiet determination on your face,
Amma, when in trouble, I hope I am half as strong as you

An embodiment of strength and energy
Sulking rarely, cracking jokes hard to construe
Your unshakeable faith and honesty amazes me,
Appa, when in a dilemma, I hope to be as prudent as you

You have taught me much of growing up
Of life and several other wondrous things
But mainly how love has no seeming end
Like shimmering bonds of golden rings.

Poem #30  for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

experience, life, NaPoWriMo, Poetry

The Bakery

Oft I awaken to the aromatic smell
Of Honey, Cinnamon and Spice
In pure delight doth my heart swell
Sugar, cream and everything nice the_bakery
Thin sheets of flour-milk paste
Simply leads to a huge toothy smile
Longing to savor the delicious taste
Footsteps unknowingly guided over a mile
I’ll quell my anxiety and patiently wait
Till this bakery opens in a while
To discover a heart’s yearning satiate
And hope it lasts longer than awhile
This haven of food dearest to my heart
Thou shalt forever be my morn start

Poem #28 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge in the form of a sonnet