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Remember to Live

Yet another day comes to an end
Spreading colors so dark
I am finally able to comprehend,
I can see the glowing spark

A declining power spreads light
Whispers floating at a distance
Screams shatter silence of night
Marking the rise of resistance sand_hour_glass

The end of the tunnel beckons me
Staggering at the end of my limits.
Roughly brought down to my knees
I relived my entire life in minutes

Lost in material pursuit and strife
To conquer the zenith and sky
Forsaking true happiness in life
Sands of time just trickled by

How much is left to be done,
A lot piled up I have to mend,
How much have I not done,
This isn’t how I wanted it to end

Eventually the sun came out
The rainbow paints the sky
My ashes scatter all about
The death of a darkest lie

Each day could well be your last
Gift, is each moment you survive
So break free of this evil cast
And always Remember to Live

Poem #9 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


2 thoughts on “Remember to Live”

  1. I really enjoyed this post, great inner wisdom and authenticity overflowing in a considered and measured fashion, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

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