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Talking to the Moon

In the engulfing darkness of the night,
A lovely face stares out the window pane.
Emitting a silvery glow, the moon bright
Twinkling stars arraigned in line.
Searching for a sign with all her might,
She feels the color in her face drain.
His thoughts come forth in a flood,talking_to_the_moon
The wind alive with the smell of mud.

Seems like yesterday she bid him farewell
His duty beckoned him to lands far away
How it broke her heart she could not tell
Destiny seemed to have made a cruel play,
Using distance to cast a treacherous spell.
She missed him terribly night and day.
As the silver beams hum a familiar tune,
She starts talking to the opulent moon.

Seeking a pathway to connect to his soul
His return being her sole reason to survive.
How she wished he could hear her in whole,
Strength from his memories does she derive.
Silently she thanks the moon for his role
A bridge for his world and hers to thrive
Even though they are flung far apart
He is the one that reunites their heart.

Poem #8 for National Poetry Writing Challenge written in Ottava Rima


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