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Rebuked, she turned and ran,
Seeking refuge in the up-hill barn,
Anger burnt in her like a dark fire
Inspiring the madness higher.

She felt overwhelmed by its power,
Her life flashed by making her suffer
Anger smirked with pleasure
Ruining her composure for a good measure

The anger caused pain inside
And the pain in turn, will cause
More malice to her hand.
Too terrible to understand

She forced her breath steady
To face her anger she was ready
She saw the still water in the trough
The calm within forced the anger back off

It is when we retreat in anger
We think we burn alone
And there is no balm.
Then the water enters without a sound, always.


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Sands of Time

By herself along
Melodies of a song
Visions of the past
The wicked spell cast
At the rays of dawn
Images of hope upon
In happiness sublime
On with the sands of time

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A Letter to Pessimism

Dear Pessimism,

Subject: Request to Shape up or Ship out

I write this letter to tell you that we are not working out anymore. More often now than before, you pounce on the slightest self-doubt in me and amplify it to scales unimaginable. Every time I find renewed hope and belief, you are patiently waiting to strike again. Your force is beyond measure; Your existence is beyond justification. You make my head spin in vicious circles by posing the conundrum “What If”.  After each bout, I promise to never let myself be controlled by you again. I build higher walls and put more locks but you always manage to find your way back into my head.

I wish we could go back to being how we were in the past. You sought to offer me clarity in thought and sight instead of the mist that swirls inside me these days. I would always look to you for thinking objectively. Whatever you revealed to me was a fact. With a strong belief in self and a pinch of you, I was able to deal with any hiccups in my life. What has changed now? Why are we on opposite teams now?pessimism

I want you to be my friend again; instead of clouding my vision, I want you to be a part of my eyes to see a clearer and brighter future. Can we work this out? Cos how much ever I deny it, I just cannot throw you out of my life.

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Blue Bird

O blue feathered bird perched on the tree
With a voice as sweet as sugar you sing, blue_bird
In eager anticipation of the spring,
However white and dull the ground and sky be.

Is this wisdom for your simple mind to know
Beneath the leafless tree and weather so tart?
Or is it a feeling of warmth in your heart,
The radiant hope that melts the snow?

I long to be you, blind to what lies
Behind the roots of dreary today
Believe in the promise of May,
The winged hope of sweet prophecies.

Poem #27 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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Roger Federer

Out walks the man onto the court
Calm and confident his poise
Raring to go and guard his fort
As the crowd makes some noise17_for_roger

“Heads” is the call on the coin toss
Before walking down to the baseline
Acknowledges his opponent across.
Silence prevails as he unfolds his design

With a simple touch the genius explodes
Dangerous aces whizzing down the line
His serves have no cheat codes
The repertoire of his shots, a gold mine

The vintage single-handed back hand
Lo! Beauty to behold is that drop shot
PeRFection personified is his forehand
Cheeky volleys, the opponent is caught!

A champion’s nature is something so rare,
Aggressive and lethal – a cheetah’s agility
When revealed, in awe I can only stare
Never say die attitude – a phoenix’s ability

His every victory serves as an inspiration
His every loss teaches me to be humble
Watching him play is indeed salvation
This man is just incomparable!

He pushes me to strive for perfectionfederer
His iron-will propels me through hardship
A guide when I am lost without direction
Courage I derive from this idol-worship

He forces me to believe in myself when no one does
From him, I learned to never ever lose hope,
Treat losses and victories alike without a fuss
And confidently tread many a slippery slope.

Deep in my soul I strongly believe,
In the power of this connection,
His influence innate in all I achieve
My role model, My mentor & My inspiration.

The star of tennis shines brightly
Worshiped as an Emperor
Called the Greatest of All Time rightly
People behold – Roger Federer!

Poem #24 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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Sunny Rain

I woke up from my slumber
And looked up at the rain
As it splashed on my head
And flowed into my brain
I recline back on my bed sunny_rain
Sounds of sloshing water in my head

It was as if the very essence of me
Had flown up into the sky
My tears sank into the earth,
Seeping into rivers flowing by
Ending at the calm sea with mirth
It indeed feels like a re-birth

The sun peeks out of the horizon
Long bright rays of crimson hues
Blessing me with the grace of Apollo
Its time to drive out the blues,
Lift myself from this hollow
And follow the sun into tomorrow.

Poem #22 for National Poetry Writing Challenge

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See You Again

The morning dawns bright and fresh
A glorious sunny day thence
I spend the hours reliving
The delights I had by your side see_you_again

The sun climbs high crawling on the flesh
The birds hover, flowers dance
I pass the time by seeing
Our memories in the sunlight spread wide

When the twilight creates a mesh
Along a starry road whence
I smile with the moonlight embracing
Because the happiest time of the day is here

The moment I will see you again

Poem #13 for National Poetry Writing Month