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Little Imprints

They say you can never lose something you never had
But what a beautiful thing it is to have loved
Someone that was so close, yet far away
How do we say good-bye?

Like time suspended,
A wound untended,
You and us

Your little imprints on our hearts forever
In Memoriam


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Sands of Time

By herself along
Melodies of a song
Visions of the past
The wicked spell cast
At the rays of dawn
Images of hope upon
In happiness sublime
On with the sands of time

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becauseBecause I know you won’t look at me the same way.
Because my dreams will never come true.
Because I will never give up on you.
Because I’ll never be a choice.
Because I just want you to be happy
Because I’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay
Because I’m just your friend.
Because you will never love me.

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A Letter to Pessimism

Dear Pessimism,

Subject: Request to Shape up or Ship out

I write this letter to tell you that we are not working out anymore. More often now than before, you pounce on the slightest self-doubt in me and amplify it to scales unimaginable. Every time I find renewed hope and belief, you are patiently waiting to strike again. Your force is beyond measure; Your existence is beyond justification. You make my head spin in vicious circles by posing the conundrum “What If”.  After each bout, I promise to never let myself be controlled by you again. I build higher walls and put more locks but you always manage to find your way back into my head.

I wish we could go back to being how we were in the past. You sought to offer me clarity in thought and sight instead of the mist that swirls inside me these days. I would always look to you for thinking objectively. Whatever you revealed to me was a fact. With a strong belief in self and a pinch of you, I was able to deal with any hiccups in my life. What has changed now? Why are we on opposite teams now?pessimism

I want you to be my friend again; instead of clouding my vision, I want you to be a part of my eyes to see a clearer and brighter future. Can we work this out? Cos how much ever I deny it, I just cannot throw you out of my life.

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt

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Cartoon Network

A huge smile or giggle is bound to appear,
Like a friendly hand that wipes away a tear.
The world has not seen anything this funny,
Nothing like Cartoons to make your day sunny.

The thrilling chases between Jerry and Tom,
All-time favorite among even dad and mom
The crazy ol’ Sylvester and the cute little Tweety,
The wonderful creations of the Walt Disney.

Mickey and Donald are the cutest of all,
The goofy Scooby Doo standing tall.
Looney Tunes headed by Bugs Bunny, cartoon_network
The laughter makes you hold your tummy

How about Popeye the Sailor man?
The power he derives from his spinach can.
The brave antics of the super cool duo Swat Kats!
Razor with his missiles and T-bone with his Turbokat

Traversing across the age of the Flintstones,
To the ultra modern era of the Jetsons,
Townsville being saved yet again by Powerpuff Girls
Raw Saiyan power in Dragonball Z leaves you in a whirl

Always eyes glued on to the TV,
Till late night not feeling a bit sleepy.
Watching cartoons is a hobby of years,
It’s close to our hearts like a souvenir.

These characters will never fade from memory
They have a place in the world history.
Even if they aren’t telecast any more, they remain,
As a testimony to the wonderful childhood we gained.

Poem #29 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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Sunny Rain

I woke up from my slumber
And looked up at the rain
As it splashed on my head
And flowed into my brain
I recline back on my bed sunny_rain
Sounds of sloshing water in my head

It was as if the very essence of me
Had flown up into the sky
My tears sank into the earth,
Seeping into rivers flowing by
Ending at the calm sea with mirth
It indeed feels like a re-birth

The sun peeks out of the horizon
Long bright rays of crimson hues
Blessing me with the grace of Apollo
Its time to drive out the blues,
Lift myself from this hollow
And follow the sun into tomorrow.

Poem #22 for National Poetry Writing Challenge

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The Mirror

It was a struggle indeed to reflect
An ethereal beauty to the fullest effect.
Imbibed like a princess from a fairy talemirror
Shimmering aura shining from her skin pale
Ebony curls accentuated her image
Enchanting and alluring was her visage

The mirror shone and paused a second
Was there a trace of melancholy to be reckoned?
Were those big amber eyes bedewed?
A tinge of mournfulness on her lips imbued?
Oh! The hindrance of a silver glass!
Longing to free the heart of the lass.

The mirror struggled…

Poem #20 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge