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Prince Charming

You wear your pride on your sleeve,
Not caring what others think,
You have a thirst to prove yourself,
Show the universe that you are to be feared

We dint hit it off perfectly the first time
You threatened to kill me and my friends
I thought you a brute with no heart
Killing hapless people for your selfish ends

Your sharp tongue would drive me nuts
And I saw that my anger amused you
It made me all the more angrier, but
Somehow I never complained.

I discovered you had a terrible past,
One that I couldn’t even begin to fathom
You rarely opened up to speak
But I could see you hurting within

Others might see only the darkness in your past,
Others might still find your acts despicable,
But I know that deep within you care
Your heart does beat as mine does

Even if you choose not to acknowledge it
I understand why you are the way you are
Even if you can’t express your feelings,
I can always see it in your eyes

I am glad that you found me, my Prince Charming!

  –– Inspired by a famous Anime


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