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Days of My Life

I have a habit of jotting down the “small” things that I experience in my day-to-day life. Been doing this for 3 years now. At times, I randomly pick a page and start reading through. You would be surprised at how much I enjoy reliving those moments.

Inspired by this post, putting forth before you, a peek into the days of my life (Yes yes, it is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference)

Just chilling

Sitting by yourself in an empty break out room – coke in hand and humming your favorite song – isolated yet connected – inner peace \m/

Wake up late in the morning – get ready slowly – reach work 2 hours late – Team lunch (to top it off donuts) – passing time reading testimonials – mind numbing violin cover – listening to IR with eyes closed –   “joint” late night escapade

Moosic is very important to me.

Bridge Over Troubled Water -> one of the best comforting songs ever. Erases the pain makes me feel so warm and cozy. I have never felt this way about the song. Whether it is the lyrics or the mesmerizing vocals or the sheer beauty of the floating piano notes in the BG really don’t know. But this is one feeling that I can never ever forget.

Hotel California… any time of year, you can find it here..

Here’s to finishing super overdue minor things and my very own super-duper guitar!!! YAY \m/ 🙂

Desperate for Motivation

Okay I really need to stop lazing and type those damn emails and be done with this!

Federer – Yes I am a FedTard!

Seeing the reactions of fan to Sachin’s retirement, I wonder how I will be when Federer retires :\ Not good, not good at all. Okay now happy thoughts happy thoughts.


Tiramisu DOT

Unintentional Loud Burp Moment – wants to crawl under a rock and die 😦

Best way to torture yourself – Browse through food recipes when fasting. Mind numbing pangs of hunger.

A surprise always brings a smile. Especially if they are chocolates 🙂


Downloading and watching HD version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Check!

Head over heels in love

Annoying day, scary deadlines, but all done. *wipes sweat off dramatically* Its Bubbles Time 😀

Viber stickers rock and the convos there rock as well 😀

So this is Bubbles!!
So this is Bubbles!!

My first trip abroad

Busy week. And I am in the U of the S of the A. Hard to believe.

Going Gaga

Sick, tired and nostalgic. Yet not bummed out. New levels of craziness check.

5 mins?

Loving my new nail color. Need to buy a truckload.

Some Important Dates

2/13 – 2/14 😀 😀 😀

2/21 – 2/22 😀

4/19 – I’m waiting 😀

5/4 – WOW

5/13 – 😀 😀

So how are the days of YOUR life? 

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Inseparable Love

inseparable_loveThe last time we saw each other was 8 months ago. I loved the way we looked just so perfect together. Not a hair out-of-place. I’d look into the mirror and feel a small smile tugging at my lips. Every time I went out, I swear there were girls who turned green with jealousy.

As time passed, we both grew up. My reflection was changing. It was time to let go. But I knew within my heart that he wouldn’t be gone forever, I knew he’d come back to me, when I wanted him to! Till then, I should try to get used to my new self, I thought.

I started to understand and discover a part of me that wasn’t pretty, didn’t get any attention, but was still likeable. Gradually, I started liking myself more. Have you heard how they say, “It is all in your head…”? Everything was normal again. The sun was still rising in the east, shining brightly and life went on despite the transformation.

And then one fine day, from the bygone depths of time, appeared a sublime image of us inside my head. It was a sign! I realized that it was time to get him back. We were after all meant to be together. I felt my defenses crumbling down.

That is when I went to the stylist and got myself the same hair-cut like the last time. Well, for now, we’re inseparable and in love! 😀

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becauseBecause I know you won’t look at me the same way.
Because my dreams will never come true.
Because I will never give up on you.
Because I’ll never be a choice.
Because I just want you to be happy
Because I’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay
Because I’m just your friend.
Because you will never love me.

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We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve

Recently on a weekend, when I had pretty much naught to do, I stumbled across the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“.  If you haven’t watched the movie or read the book, I would really recommend you to do so. Most of the coming-of-age movies are clichéd and try too hard to fit in a plot. But this storyline chimes in with an unusually incisive, character-driven ramble through the inevitable awkwardness of teen life. The best part of the story for me was that it was timeless.


There were several moments when reading the book that the outside world ceased to invade my conscious thought and the epiphany that presented itself was so overwhelming that it struck a giant chord deep within me. Of all the lines, the ones that stuck with me is a piece of dialogue between the main character Charlie and Sam.

Sam: Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we’re nothing?
Charlie: We accept the love we think we deserve.

I think at times we settle for less than what we deserve because of the troublesome trait of undermining ourselves. We tend to undervalue our worth and hence try to make do with what we have. More often than not it is probably the fear of being alone that overpowers us to be in relationships we know well enough we don’t deserve .

On the other hand, I also feel it is only but natural to wait for something better and not have to settle for what’s convenient. The point is if you have high standards no one should criticize you for that, it shows that you are mature enough to value yourself to know what you want and that you respect yourself enough not to settle for anything less than that.

These two sides are constantly locked in a struggle. It often becomes very difficult to understand if we are expecting too much or if we indeed deserve more. This is when we need to put on our thinking caps. No one else, I mean no one else, will be able to help us with this. We need to clear our heads of any fairy tales/assumptions and think hard. What is it that I deserve? What is it that I want?

Confusing? Hell yeah. But it is never is easy is it? After all you do deserve a love that never ends. As do I 🙂

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The Power of Music

Thou art the rhythm of soul
Making my existence whole
Vested in thee is the power to heal
The slightest notes make me feel

Perennial source of delightful tones
Seeks to tranquillize my bones power_of_music
On instruments passionate fingers dance
Bewitching my soul into a trance

Thou art the painter of my heart
Multitude of hues adorn this chart
Thou dost permeate my soul deep
For thy lullaby drifts me to sleep

Drowning in a world of celestial bliss
Without thee, things seem amiss
Thou art the shining sun on a rainy day
Keeping the melancholy at bay

This ethereal bond is forged forever
Oh! I will never ever let it sever
Sweetest source of purest pleasure
The Queen of every moving measure

Poem #21 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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A Butterfly

Vision blurred upon a fuzzy landscape
As I tried to focus, nothing solid
came to view, but I blinked determinedly
to see again.  Through the mist,
Myriad of hues and bright flamesbutterfly
Seemed to rise at will and sang a tune
in a whisper, like a natural hymn.

Lo! If I were ever to find an equal
To describe the magic of
The unearthly apparition of a butterfly.

Flashing through the thinning vapor,
Drawing a sigh from this romantic
Glory be! The sun had turned his rage off.
Now I see the flame again
His time has come, He spread a shell
Mother Nature at her best
I lay in peace knowing I was blessed

Poem #19 for National Poetry Writing Challenge

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See You Again

The morning dawns bright and fresh
A glorious sunny day thence
I spend the hours reliving
The delights I had by your side see_you_again

The sun climbs high crawling on the flesh
The birds hover, flowers dance
I pass the time by seeing
Our memories in the sunlight spread wide

When the twilight creates a mesh
Along a starry road whence
I smile with the moonlight embracing
Because the happiest time of the day is here

The moment I will see you again

Poem #13 for National Poetry Writing Month