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Of Memories And Moving On

A memory. It’s like sand, brittle rock — a shard of the original substance, a snapshot in a long and confusing movie, a particle of space and time. It’s minuscule but it lingers. It will swallow you up if you let it. It’s like going on a fast, you feel satisfied at first, but you always end up starving.

You can explain a memory to someone, but you can’t make them feel it. You can’t describe how your heart skips a beat when a certain someone looks deeply into your eyes. You can’t recreate the overwhelming content that rushes over when you win after losing for so long. You can’t explain the adrenaline surging through when you are on a roller coaster.

We all get frustrated when we romanticize the past. We miss the things we’ve lost, the places we’ve left, and the people we used to be. We miss the times that were familiar, and we long for the moments that have gone by. But you can’t live through memories, and you don’t grow by being comfortable. You have to fail before you can dream, and you have to hurt before you can love. You must bleed for the wound to heal, but eventually you need to slap on a band-aid and get on with your life.

And that’s what I try to do.

A memory: I was drowning.
And then I learned how to swim.
Towards a brighter future.

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Until We Meet Again

The clock ticks by; tis too hard to bear
When I realize you wont be here
And the only way to see you –
The mirror of past’s view

The memories that we have shared,
Over time a deep bond flared,
So unique and one of a kind, until_we_meet_again_final
A friend so hard to find

As you depart today for your education,
Seeking the epitome of perfection,
I’ll earnestly pray to the Almighty
That your victory be mighty.

Here, I am standing at the airport
Trying to say goodbye (of sort)
Later, I hope to be here again
Eagerly awaiting your plane

Twilight and resounding evening bell,
May there be no sadness of farewell,
And after that the seeming dark!
When you embark

A warm Farewell to thee from my heart,
One fond embrace here I depart
Through the sun and rain
Until we meet again.

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A Brighter Day

Sometimes life brings you hard down
But believe in your strength to turn it around
What you were has nothing on what you are now Sunshine_thro_clouds
Remember to be humble and not forget to bow

At some point you will have to face your fears,
Persevere through blood sweat and tears.
There will be times when you feel you can’t go on
But believe you will not face it alone

The sun may not shine every day
But there will be some clouds along the way
I know that the sun still shines at night
So till morn I will be guided by the moon’s light

Poem #5 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge