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A Gateway into the Anime Sekai

I know a lot of people who brand anime as yet another cartoon show. I ask, so what? Cartoons are fun, especially the good ones!

The first Anime I ever watched was Dragonball Z (courtesy of Cartoon Network) and oh boy, was I hooked! The concept of aliens, ki and transformations just blew me away. I never came out of that rabbit hole.

Since then, my interest has gradually grown and thanks to recommendations from friends and internet, I am proud to call myself a newbie in this sekai. The following things fascinate me the most.

Variety in genre – There’s something for everyone
One For All, All For One

There is action, fantasy, romance, horror, comedy, drama, mecha, sci-fi, mystery to quote a few; the list quite endless if you ask me. Whatever you are in the mood for, guaranteed that you would find some anime show for it.

The meaning of imagination taken to new levels
Imagination ^ Infinity

Most shows feature really crazy concepts and alternate universes that you just can’t view realistically. It takes you a few episodes to wrap your head around what the show is all about. Even after that, the writer keeps the show alive with twists and new concepts leaving you wanting for more.

Prince of All Saiyans!

The characters are real. I know, I know, they are not actually flesh and blood but they’re voice actors,but the feelings they evoke in the viewer are real. People can actually identify with them and they are inspirational to say the least. Vegeta from Dragonball Z is one of my favorite characters in the anime world. In the words of a close friend who is yet another Vegeta fan “Prince of Saiyans! He taught us being proud can be good. And that you don’t need to be a hero to be liked and trusted by everyone”. His comebacks are really witty as well. An inspirational character to say the least.

 Lessons of Life
Too “Wisdomous”

I do not exaggerate when I say that anime shows touch upon crucial life lessons. The plot lines might be unrealistic but they do explore at least one thematic issue central to human existence. For example, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood explores the themes of kinship, death and corruption. Friendships & nakamas are priceless in One Piece and most of them stress on the fact that “Nothing is Impossible”

Aah, where am I?

I am an avid reader and one of major reasons why I love books is that they transport me to a whole new world. Anime is yet another way of achieving that – more so given that the worlds are so artfully created that they could only be a product of imaginative minds. You can lose yourself for a few hours/days in these universes.


Some anime shows feature a mind-blowing set of tracks for the background score. It’s not all just electro-pop with high-pitched voices, either. The genres range from instrumental jazz to operatic choruses, power ballads to heavy metal and everything else in between. And even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the music is usually enjoyable by itself. If you still don’t believe me, listen to this.

So, come on down, take a seat while we fire up the first episode. We might make an otaku out of you yet.
Till then sayonara, arigatou!

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Until We Meet Again

The clock ticks by; tis too hard to bear
When I realize you wont be here
And the only way to see you –
The mirror of past’s view

The memories that we have shared,
Over time a deep bond flared,
So unique and one of a kind, until_we_meet_again_final
A friend so hard to find

As you depart today for your education,
Seeking the epitome of perfection,
I’ll earnestly pray to the Almighty
That your victory be mighty.

Here, I am standing at the airport
Trying to say goodbye (of sort)
Later, I hope to be here again
Eagerly awaiting your plane

Twilight and resounding evening bell,
May there be no sadness of farewell,
And after that the seeming dark!
When you embark

A warm Farewell to thee from my heart,
One fond embrace here I depart
Through the sun and rain
Until we meet again.

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The Mirror

It was a struggle indeed to reflect
An ethereal beauty to the fullest effect.
Imbibed like a princess from a fairy talemirror
Shimmering aura shining from her skin pale
Ebony curls accentuated her image
Enchanting and alluring was her visage

The mirror shone and paused a second
Was there a trace of melancholy to be reckoned?
Were those big amber eyes bedewed?
A tinge of mournfulness on her lips imbued?
Oh! The hindrance of a silver glass!
Longing to free the heart of the lass.

The mirror struggled…

Poem #20 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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A Birthday Gift

Idol worship brought us together
Ironically, distance strengthened our bond
We look for good in other’s glory
Together we share our life story

Looking back on our times together,
Sharing laughs and tears
Private jokes and serious goals,
I wouldn’t be where I am without you

Like whispering winds thro the trees
Your spirit lifts me
Like a beautiful sky after the storm
Your courage to break free still amazes me.

Whilst seeking approval, I know
There’s comfort in your silent embrace,
Whilst listening to what it offers, I open up
for there is no judgment to be passed.

I highly admire your zest for life,
Always there to soothe my internal strife,
Standing by my side always
Encouraging me to forge ahead

Within you, I’ve found the perfect friend
A mind that I can comprehend
A person I see is so much like me and yet not,
A mutual relationship so carefree

A friendship like this is rare to come by
The intensity sometimes makes me high
Joy and happiness galore is what I adore
How lucky am I, to have found you

Our bond is extremely special
It is unique in every way
We have something irreplaceable
And I love you more and more each day.

Well my dear I wish you Happy Birthday,
A plethora of good wishes are in store,
The year ahead full of joy and happiness
And only good things and success to come by.

Dedicated to a wonderful person who has meant the world to me