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My Two Cents – Android Apps


In the last few years, the Google Play Store has been upgraded and revamped to house probably a gazillion apps! Developers are increasing launching new Android Apps everyday. Being a proud owner of the new HTC One (couldn’t resist showing off :D), here is my personal top 10 pick of the market.


#10 THCrossword
An application for solving crosswords published in the popular Indian newspaper daily “The Hindu”. This downloads the grid from the web and converts to an editable format. Recently an “Unscramble” feature has been added to generate anagrams from the clues.

#9 iTag

Are you one of those people who needs all their music to be organized perfectly? Then this is a must have music tag editor for your phone. It allows you to edit the tag details song by song or an entire album at once. My favorite part of the app is the “Lucky Cover” feature that fetches the album art perfectly almost all the time.

#8 Jango

This app streams personalized radio stations of your favorite artists. Either you can tune into the preset stations based on genres/artists or customize them as per your need. I have discovered several new songs thanks to this app!

#7 Shazam

Lightning fast tagging and identification of songs being played currently! The interface is extremely simple. Just a touch and the app instantly recognizes the song and displays all the associated details. There is a 30 second preview of the song that was tagged. You can also invite your friends and share all the tags. Must have to identify songs on the go.

#6 Soccer Livescores

Die-hard football fan and don’t miss even the remotest of matches? Then this app is a must! Comprehensive exhaustive list of the matches scheduled on a particular day with capabilities to tag your favorite team/leagues for push notifications. The updates are pretty instantaneous.

android_apps_07#5 Tamil Songs downloader

One stop app to download any Tamil song! Right from the oldest of old melodies to the latest releases and even devotional songs, this app has it all. The only drawbacks are the download limit imposed (20 a day) and the time taken to refresh the directory listings. But given the huge database of songs, the compromise can be made.

#4 Download Mp3

An extremely popular source of downloading mp3 songs for free. Super fast search coupled with song preview make it the best one out there. You can only download one song at a time though. But the massive collection of songs and the high download speed is pretty impressive. So no complaints there.

android_apps_09#3 Battery Doctor

As the description says “Extending battery life just can’t get much easier”! With its one-tap battery saver, ability to automatically adjust settings and maintain elaborate charging logs, this is probably the best app that I have ever seen for cleverly optimizing battery usage.

#2 Quiet Balance

Sick of all the pop up notifications showing your data usage/call balance? Here is a specialized app to block the USSD messages. Just enter a string to keywords, regex to be blocked and voilà! Hats off the developer for coming up with this. Now no more nightmares when you check your phone in the morning!

android_apps_11#1 Alarm Droid

Deep sleeper? Always stop/snooze your alarm in the morning and end up being late to work/appointments? Here is your solution! This alarm clock is feature rich and highly customizable to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers (including me). The highlight of this app is that it lets you enable obstacles before snoozing/stopping – either solve a math problem, sort numbers. This is sure to get you up and running (partly out of annoyance I agree :D).

If there are any other great apps that you guys can recommend,  do drop a line and let me know 🙂

Anupama ji, time to now list your personal favorites and continue the tag 😀

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The Power of Music

Thou art the rhythm of soul
Making my existence whole
Vested in thee is the power to heal
The slightest notes make me feel

Perennial source of delightful tones
Seeks to tranquillize my bones power_of_music
On instruments passionate fingers dance
Bewitching my soul into a trance

Thou art the painter of my heart
Multitude of hues adorn this chart
Thou dost permeate my soul deep
For thy lullaby drifts me to sleep

Drowning in a world of celestial bliss
Without thee, things seem amiss
Thou art the shining sun on a rainy day
Keeping the melancholy at bay

This ethereal bond is forged forever
Oh! I will never ever let it sever
Sweetest source of purest pleasure
The Queen of every moving measure

Poem #21 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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Silence is a conversation
Being had without sound

Silence is a mystery
That will go forever unsolved silence

Silence cannot be spoken
Even if it is a word

Silence is a presence
That of a gigantic void

Silence is a sound of rest
One that sounds the best

Silence can fill a room
Yet with no mass profound

Silence is the best defense
But can weaken you from within

Silence is a freedom
That can help you break free

Silence is a language
That can communicate heaps

Ultimately. silence is what it is
Something that is nothing
Nothing that exists

Poem #11 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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Talking to the Moon

In the engulfing darkness of the night,
A lovely face stares out the window pane.
Emitting a silvery glow, the moon bright
Twinkling stars arraigned in line.
Searching for a sign with all her might,
She feels the color in her face drain.
His thoughts come forth in a flood,talking_to_the_moon
The wind alive with the smell of mud.

Seems like yesterday she bid him farewell
His duty beckoned him to lands far away
How it broke her heart she could not tell
Destiny seemed to have made a cruel play,
Using distance to cast a treacherous spell.
She missed him terribly night and day.
As the silver beams hum a familiar tune,
She starts talking to the opulent moon.

Seeking a pathway to connect to his soul
His return being her sole reason to survive.
How she wished he could hear her in whole,
Strength from his memories does she derive.
Silently she thanks the moon for his role
A bridge for his world and hers to thrive
Even though they are flung far apart
He is the one that reunites their heart.

Poem #8 for National Poetry Writing Challenge written in Ottava Rima


The World Has Shrunk! But….

Welcome to the era of communication….
This period is considered to the beginning of rapid development in communication. Children of the forthcoming generations may laugh while listening to the stories about how information was conveyed from one place to another. This field has come a long way starting with messengers on foot, birds then slowly progressing to telephones, telegraphs, radios and now it stands at internet, mobile phones! The development has been tremendous!
Today, sitting at your house with a phone you can catch up with the happenings of the world and keep yourself updated. News and information is just a click or a message away. Information is transmitted many times faster than it used to be. A point to be noted is that telecommunication is one of the few industries that has not been affected even during the recession period. This showcases the power and potential of this industry. 3G- one of the latest developments in this field is set to be released in a while and there is no doubt that this technology will take this industry to new heights and causing a revolution.
The obvious inference is that the world has shrunk to a great extent. It is now possible to access even the remotest parts of the world thanks to this emerging industry. You can travel around the world in a short span of time. There are so many tools at one’s disposal now. But…
The question to ponder over is that the world has shrunk, but at what cost?What is the point of all these advancements when relationships are falling apart, when people no longer care about anything? People are just so tuned into their jobs and are so focussed on making money that they barely find it important to spend time with anyone leave alone themselves! People are slowly forgetting that they need to live together as a society. One must keep in mind that such developments are futile if such an attitude exists among the people. This prevalent attitude must be clipped at its roots else it can make things worser than present. Else it will be too late to rectify and rise again…