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Modern Families – Now vs Then

So, here I was trying to get hold of a writing prompt to inspire me and up comes this one! Note, this prompt is dated exactly a year ago. Weird huh!

Daily Prompt :- Modern Families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner, what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

Disclaimer: I value my family and the traditions, heritage that they all put stock into. It has definitely help shape who I am. To be read with a pinch of salt. Any sense of disrespect is definitely not intended.

 Let’s get started.

Curtains Open : Great Grandparents get down from a strangely shaped contraception called Time Turner. After exchanging pleasantries, my parents invite them into the house.

Shock #1: Is this your house or the servant quarters?

You see, long ago, my ancestors lived in huge houses that roughly covered an area equal to one floor of an apartment complex. Not to mention the lush green backyards, with elaborate gardens. The current living situation would definitely make them claustrophobic. If you still don’t believe me take a look at this –

Shock #2: Changes in Lifestyle

Right from my clothing to my education, my job, my marital status, my opinions would be a shock for my great grandparents. Don’t get me started on the scientific advancement. The shock would have more to do with the possibility of all these things and not the thing itself.


Shock #3: Advent of Nuclear Families

I think this would be the biggest shock of them all. Once upon a time, joint families were the norm. The house would be full of cousins, siblings, aunts & uncles. Everyday used to be a huge celebration of sorts. Today, none of us stay in the same place as our siblings, leave alone cousins. We talk to them once in a while and meet them rarely on family functions. Agreed, technology does help but it cannot bring back what once was. The family gap is widening folks.

Even after all these shocks, I think my great grandparents would still be extremely happy to have met their great grand kid, pamper me and of course bless us all before its time to go back.

So how do you think your ancestors would react?

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Days of My Life

I have a habit of jotting down the “small” things that I experience in my day-to-day life. Been doing this for 3 years now. At times, I randomly pick a page and start reading through. You would be surprised at how much I enjoy reliving those moments.

Inspired by this post, putting forth before you, a peek into the days of my life (Yes yes, it is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference)

Just chilling

Sitting by yourself in an empty break out room – coke in hand and humming your favorite song – isolated yet connected – inner peace \m/

Wake up late in the morning – get ready slowly – reach work 2 hours late – Team lunch (to top it off donuts) – passing time reading testimonials – mind numbing violin cover – listening to IR with eyes closed –   “joint” late night escapade

Moosic is very important to me.

Bridge Over Troubled Water -> one of the best comforting songs ever. Erases the pain makes me feel so warm and cozy. I have never felt this way about the song. Whether it is the lyrics or the mesmerizing vocals or the sheer beauty of the floating piano notes in the BG really don’t know. But this is one feeling that I can never ever forget.

Hotel California… any time of year, you can find it here..

Here’s to finishing super overdue minor things and my very own super-duper guitar!!! YAY \m/ 🙂

Desperate for Motivation

Okay I really need to stop lazing and type those damn emails and be done with this!

Federer – Yes I am a FedTard!

Seeing the reactions of fan to Sachin’s retirement, I wonder how I will be when Federer retires :\ Not good, not good at all. Okay now happy thoughts happy thoughts.


Tiramisu DOT

Unintentional Loud Burp Moment – wants to crawl under a rock and die 😦

Best way to torture yourself – Browse through food recipes when fasting. Mind numbing pangs of hunger.

A surprise always brings a smile. Especially if they are chocolates 🙂


Downloading and watching HD version of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Check!

Head over heels in love

Annoying day, scary deadlines, but all done. *wipes sweat off dramatically* Its Bubbles Time 😀

Viber stickers rock and the convos there rock as well 😀

So this is Bubbles!!
So this is Bubbles!!

My first trip abroad

Busy week. And I am in the U of the S of the A. Hard to believe.

Going Gaga

Sick, tired and nostalgic. Yet not bummed out. New levels of craziness check.

5 mins?

Loving my new nail color. Need to buy a truckload.

Some Important Dates

2/13 – 2/14 😀 😀 😀

2/21 – 2/22 😀

4/19 – I’m waiting 😀

5/4 – WOW

5/13 – 😀 😀

So how are the days of YOUR life? 

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Wheels in Motion

For days, I struggled with the dreaded question – What should I write about? It felt like the pipes in my brain had been welded shut and the old rusty ideas were swirling around desperately trying to find an out. It was like constant rejection where I told myself ” Nope. Not this. Not today”.

These hard days are when I have literally push myself to even attempt writing a few lines. Nothing comes easily and even after trying so hard to focus, I feel like Atlas carrying the world. Even after all the whining and grinding, I just shelve it to start afresh. I cannot tell you how many unfinished pieces are cluttered all around my laptop!


Then there are the easy days where things just click. I simply cannot wait to get started. There are at least five amazing ideas and each one of them turns into something that I would be proud of. Sentences are already taking shape in my head. All I need to do is, direct my hands to the keyboard and type away to glory. The feeling of content that fills me at the end of this is just …. Ah!

Each day is different from the one before and tomorrow is still a mystery. On a few days I struggle and on some I simply don’t. But I realized that what matters is that I continue to write.

Writing is definitely hard work. You have to filter your emotion to the point where you can describe it in its purest form. You have to edit, critique yourself to the point that sometimes self-doubt kicks in. Not satisfied, you subject it to the scrutiny of peers and elders. Even though it may never be perfect you keep at it continuously. Why? Because you are a writer  😉

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Never Forget

As he looks into the shiny surface
Quizzical ebony eyes gaze back
Having come so far now
Yet not entirely sure how

Through the glass mirror he sees
Melting silver morph into memories. never_forget
He was once again a lad of ten
Tattered clothes and palms open

Daily hanging on by a thread
In search of water and bread
Constantly fighting the apathy
Everyday was a needed agony

But his strength never faltered
Flame of hope never extinguished
Pledging to prove himself worthy
He set forth on this long journey

And by the time he turned thirty
Hard work broke shackles of poverty
His determination drove away the fog
For he was no longer a “Slumdog”.

With a smile, he vows in the present
To never forget his journey of ascent,
To never forget to stay the same,
And to never forget from where he came.

Poem #7 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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A Brighter Day

Sometimes life brings you hard down
But believe in your strength to turn it around
What you were has nothing on what you are now Sunshine_thro_clouds
Remember to be humble and not forget to bow

At some point you will have to face your fears,
Persevere through blood sweat and tears.
There will be times when you feel you can’t go on
But believe you will not face it alone

The sun may not shine every day
But there will be some clouds along the way
I know that the sun still shines at night
So till morn I will be guided by the moon’s light

Poem #5 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge

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Days of Summer

Sparse clouds serenading the skysummer_days_1
A warm breeze blowing by
The feel of the sun on your face
Slowly treading at your own pace

The days are warm and long
Your heart sings a joyful song
Outside always the children play
An adventure it is every day

World painted with a golden glow
Nature putting on its best show
The dreary winter days long past
The summer charm is now cast

Wish summer could last forever
Bliss year throughout with warm weather
Once here, you just hate for it to end
You warm up to it like your best friend

Poem #3 for National Poetry Writing Monthly Challenge

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Good And Evil

The nature of good and evil
Is much unlike repelling oil and water
Coexisting at the core of one’s soul,
Ignoring either ‘s presence is perilousGood_and_Evil

In the tunnel of darkness,
There is a breaking dawn of good
In the sky of brightness,
There is a black cloud of evil

They breed selfishness and greed,
Fuel your pride and vanity.
They also teach you how to love,
How to live righteously

The balance hangs precariously
For without them you are not who you are
You live when you learn this
Or suffer when you don’t

You may praise one who defeats
All the shadows in the Earth and Sea
Yet the shadows stealthily grow
And you still feel the light’s glow

 Poem #2 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge