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becauseBecause I know you won’t look at me the same way.
Because my dreams will never come true.
Because I will never give up on you.
Because I’ll never be a choice.
Because I just want you to be happy
Because I’ll do anything to make sure you’re okay
Because I’m just your friend.
Because you will never love me.


4 thoughts on “Because”

  1. Thats how Mother Earth and Father Sky are vying with each other…because to shower with Rains and Yileds (sometime deficient and many times bounty) for the welfare of all entities !….love has no scale…..

  2. There is no because in Love. Love is like a fountain – it gushes out for no reason. Just like the song of a bird – no reason – just sings away her song. Just to feel love is enough to be in love – no transactions needed. Be in love always !!

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