experience, friend, life, Poetry, Sangam

Until We Meet Again

The clock ticks by; tis too hard to bear
When I realize you wont be here
And the only way to see you –
The mirror of past’s view

The memories that we have shared,
Over time a deep bond flared,
So unique and one of a kind, until_we_meet_again_final
A friend so hard to find

As you depart today for your education,
Seeking the epitome of perfection,
I’ll earnestly pray to the Almighty
That your victory be mighty.

Here, I am standing at the airport
Trying to say goodbye (of sort)
Later, I hope to be here again
Eagerly awaiting your plane

Twilight and resounding evening bell,
May there be no sadness of farewell,
And after that the seeming dark!
When you embark

A warm Farewell to thee from my heart,
One fond embrace here I depart
Through the sun and rain
Until we meet again.


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