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Follow your Dreams?

The word “Dream” is technically defined by the dictionary as “Imaginative thoughts indulged in, while awake” or “a cherished desire”.

When you were a kid you probably had huge dreams that you would travel to space, become a rock star, win the Oscars or become a novelist. That sense of surety and confidence we felt made us believe that we could do anything we wanted. Following our dreams seemed like no big feat back then. What transpires as we grow older?


The phrase “Follow your dreams” sounds so simple – All that you have to do is to make sure you live your dreams. But it inevitably poses the next question. “What is it to live my dreams?” and most important of all “What are my dreams? “. If you are among the lucky few who have the answer to these two questions, then rock on and do all it takes to see your dreams become reality.

For the rest of us, these two questions are tall, slippery mountains to be scaled before even considering the conundrum of life. Unfortunately being afflicted with mob mentality, we find it too hard to digress from what is considered socially acceptable. We fear being slandered and branded  “different” that, more often than not, we are extremely content to go with the flow.


Even if one were to argue to that “Hey at least I am going somewhere by doing what every one else is doing!”, then there is just a teeny-tiny problem with that. We have absolutely no clue as to where we are going with the crowd. Moreover we don’t even know if the destination would make us happy or not. There are so many among us who are frustrated with our career choices – either in terms of not being at par with the socially accepted definition of a job or being merely unhappy. We start resigning ourselves to this “fate” and try to be content with what life has given us.


If such an acceptance works for you then fantastic! But for most of us it will definitely not work. Yet again as it’s the easier choice, the temptation becomes harder to resist. That is because you are probably so sick of trying to follow your dreams and ending up feeling unhappy. But how sure are you that those dreams are the ones that really matter to you? Also what if you are just stirring things up a bit here and there in the hope that something would click? Given that the time constraint on our life span is a very critical one, it just adds to the pressure of following your dreams.


And, no, soul-searching is not everything. By sitting back with a cup of coffee, reflecting on what we know is just taking a stock of all the past experiences. What about creating new ones? We just need to go out there and try out new things putting aside all our fears and apprehensions. And by trying out, not just experiment but go all the way. Clearly the things that have gone on in your life aren’t working out. Its time to add more inputs to the function, that would help you discover what it is that you really want and what your true dreams are.


It would be foolish on our parts to assume that, once we identify what these dreams are, then the rest of the things will fall in place automatically. Post identification begins the real journey, actually following your dreams and see them blossom into reality. A lot has already been said about successfully achieving these dreams and hence I shall refrain from that. This arduous, gut-wrecking roller coaster ride is definitely not for the faint hearted. There would be sacrifices, pain and tears along the way. But if that is what your dream is, then isn’t it worth all this?

Change is a necessary evil
Stop fearing the unknown
Go be someone
After you figure out who that someone is


4 thoughts on “Follow your Dreams?”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you. I thought that by following what everyone else was doing would be make me happy. But I found out it wasn’t what I wanted and made me miserable. I spent months upset trying to find out what I wanted. But I realized this was leading no where, and the only way I would move forward is being productive. I don’t know where the road will take me, but I am enjoying all the steps along the way.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! We seldom find happiness in doing what everyone else is doing. But its great that you have realized this. Whilst on this enjoyable journey, I wish you all the luck to discover and realize your dreams 😀

  2. Thank you for sharing. I especially loved the part about following the crowd, but not knowing where they are going. Reflecting on my life I can see where I have let the crowd dictate my happiness and the course of my life. Great post!

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