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My Parents

I wasn’t raised in a palace
Or fed with a silver spoon
I wasn’t taught money is all,
Or to give up when I fall.

I wasn’t raised to tread the popular path
But carve my own from all my worth
You are the reason I am so strong
With you two nothing could go wrong my_parents

An epitome of beauty, poise and grace,
Overflowing with love through and through
Quiet determination on your face,
Amma, when in trouble, I hope I am half as strong as you

An embodiment of strength and energy
Sulking rarely, cracking jokes hard to construe
Your unshakeable faith and honesty amazes me,
Appa, when in a dilemma, I hope to be as prudent as you

You have taught me much of growing up
Of life and several other wondrous things
But mainly how love has no seeming end
Like shimmering bonds of golden rings.

Poem #30  for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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