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Angels of the Night

The sun descends in the west
The evening star does shine
Beings preparing for their rest
Darkness befalls the shrine
The pearly sheen of the moon
Adorned with a black cloak sewn,
A lurch of silent delight
She smiles upon the night angel_in_the_night

Cascading the heavens height
Onto the reticent groves
The angels with feet bright
March forth in silent moves
Invisible they pour blessings
And happiness without ceasing
On each shoot and blossom
And every slumbering bosom

Visiting every dormant nest,
Where fowls are warm
Stopping by dens where animals rest
To keep them from harm
Stifling any cries of pain
Pouring sleep in its brain
Watching over the world tight,
As guardians – Angels of the night

Poem #25 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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