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Unhandled Exceptions

It all begins in the brain storming session,
Design, specs, corner cases define the mission
The focus shifts from the conference rooms
At every clock tick, the deadlines looms.

Located deep in the cubicle maze
Glued intently to the LCD gaze
Armed with technology to play
The programmer toils night and day

Fueled by caffeine and Diet Coke
Bemused by the occasional nerdy joke unhandled_exception
The codesmith has no sense of time
His clock runs in a bit wise rhyme

All is easier said than done,
Software wars are seldom won!
As he readies to pull the plug
There pops the treacherous bug!

Break points, logs and debug mode
He strives to cleanse his code
Though others help him to their best
He himself performs the sanity tests

In between , the managers speak,
The code is to be released next week
He sounds a primal cry with a clang
“Nothing in the program should hang”

Finally, the dreaded release day dawns
He steps into office stifling huge yawns
The head speaks, he waits with breath bated
“Engineers, the code we released is already outdated!”

Poem #23 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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