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The Power of Music

Thou art the rhythm of soul
Making my existence whole
Vested in thee is the power to heal
The slightest notes make me feel

Perennial source of delightful tones
Seeks to tranquillize my bones power_of_music
On instruments passionate fingers dance
Bewitching my soul into a trance

Thou art the painter of my heart
Multitude of hues adorn this chart
Thou dost permeate my soul deep
For thy lullaby drifts me to sleep

Drowning in a world of celestial bliss
Without thee, things seem amiss
Thou art the shining sun on a rainy day
Keeping the melancholy at bay

This ethereal bond is forged forever
Oh! I will never ever let it sever
Sweetest source of purest pleasure
The Queen of every moving measure

Poem #21 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


5 thoughts on “The Power of Music”

  1. Beautiful and I wish you must continue with your golden voice venturing deep in the Ocean of Music…Let GOD Gives You Time and Long Life to achieve in Music Field too….

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