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Never Forget

As he looks into the shiny surface
Quizzical ebony eyes gaze back
Having come so far now
Yet not entirely sure how

Through the glass mirror he sees
Melting silver morph into memories. never_forget
He was once again a lad of ten
Tattered clothes and palms open

Daily hanging on by a thread
In search of water and bread
Constantly fighting the apathy
Everyday was a needed agony

But his strength never faltered
Flame of hope never extinguished
Pledging to prove himself worthy
He set forth on this long journey

And by the time he turned thirty
Hard work broke shackles of poverty
His determination drove away the fog
For he was no longer a “Slumdog”.

With a smile, he vows in the present
To never forget his journey of ascent,
To never forget to stay the same,
And to never forget from where he came.

Poem #7 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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