experience, life, NaPoWriMo, Poetry, world

What are we?

There hitherto she lies
Sprawled across the cold floor
Dry sobs rocking her body

Losing herself in her cries
Questioning her very core
Her garments all shoddy

Aided by none to ariserape_victim
She carries herself thro’ the door
Gashes covering her body

She could see it in their eyes
As the world called her a whore
And several things bawdy

Haunted is the look in her eyes
An ache that makes her sore
She stops existing in her own body

A dark future is her “prize”
Poison in her cup she pours
Feverishly muttering – “I am sorry”

She smiles when she rises
From the broken body, with happy tears.
The price she pays is indeed very costly.

What are we?

Poem #4 for National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


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