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The Woes of a Common Cold Attack

This is one ailment that has managed to elude science and all the greatest advancements in medicine for years now. Though this “attack” is supposed to last only for a few days, the amount of torture one undergoes is unimaginable!


All those willing to proceed, beware that an Ick Alert has been Issued!

Land of Dust

Your throat feels like a dusty old mine. The scratchy old geezer makes you regret breathing. Every gust of air inhaled feels like dry ice and makes you cough unexpectedly and inevitably on someone’s face!


To Sneeze or not to Sneeze

Your nose feels tingly and the sneeze fidgets nervously whether or not to make a grand appearance. More often than not you are left squinting like a lop-sided moron waiting for the sneeze that never comes out!


When it does come out, with a loud exclamation of ACHOOOOO you inadvertently spray the vicinity and mark your territory! If there is a tissue in hand then all izz well else . . . . 😐

Mini Rock Concert in your Head

The dull pounding in your head resembles a mini rock concert. The  jabs of pain make you wince in agony. Your head weighs like a big watermelon resting on unstable sand-like shoulders, about to fall off anytime. Every noise around you sounds as if amplified a hundred fold and echoes inside like forever!


Puffy Cheeks

If you happen to be a victim of sinusitis as well then aloha! Its double trouble for you buddy! Common cold and sinusitis are like these thick brothers who cannot even stay apart a pico second. Pretty annoying really!


This results in your cheeks swelling like a puffer fish and not to mention the pain that courses through these puffy cheeks even at the slightest touch!

Open Sesame

These magical words work on your nose in such a way that it leaves you guessing every time. One time it becomes a perilous flow of  sticky liquid pouring down with no barriers to stop it. Stuffing Kleenex barely slows this cascade down and yes the icky stuff gets on your hand! No point in saying Chi!


Yet another time, it transforms into a clogged pipe from the depths of hell and even if you blow the nose as if your innards are going to pop out, the canal remains stubbornly closed leaving you in the misery of sniffing loudly.

Psychotic Body Temperature

Your body temperature becomes so wacky that what starts out as a cold night, snuggling under the blankets soon turns into a disgustingly sweaty night. It’s as if someone is flicking a switch on and off inside your body to induce these drastic changes. This goes on and on till you get so frustrated tossing around that sleep is successfully kept at bay!


Diabolical Cough

After the first stages of attack on the body, this demon begins to surface. Till date I have not found out what the hell sets this off! Whether it is the change in the posture/speed of breathing – who knows 😯 Anyways it sets off a continuous coughing spree not very different from a machine gun firing at top speed.


The dry racking cough is sometimes so severe as to bring tears to one’s eyes. Such intensity leads to a probing pain in the abdomen when the next fit starts off.

Energy Tank Empty

Last but not the least, this demon sucks off every last ounce of energy in your system. Once you settle down into a particular posture, even if there was a threat to your life you would decline to move.empty_tank

There is nothing in the world that can drive this away completely and resistance is futile. All that you need is  – a hot home-made “molagu rasam” and mother’s pampering 🙂

P.S. Looking forward to being pampered at home this weekend is helping me get through this attack 😀


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