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End of the World as We Knew It



Well, looks like the Mayans had it wrong or their calendar writers became lazy or ran out of paper. Whatever be the reason, looks like the world is pretty  much intact. Yay!The hype surrounding this, since this prediction came to light, what with movies being made about it (you cant blame them for wanting to make more money!), I wondered what it would be like, if the end of the world indeed came upon us.

I have to admit that’s a pretty scary thought. The world as I know gone, poof in a day! But then, I wondered what it was that I would miss the most about the world. Was it the countries in deep economic despair, struggling to save its people from misery and the swelling sense of insecurity? Was it the mindless wars being waged, innocents being killed? Was it the huge fissure in the morals of the society that has changed us all into self-centered beings? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the world was not a kind and benevolent place any more. This society has morphed into a self-centered bunch of people.

Taking our own country for instance, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, rapes, corruption are rampant. It is probably unfair to expect huge development in a span of 65 years post independence. But is that any excuse to stop being human? As long as one’s life is secure, most of us do not feel the need  to spare a second thought for anything else. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class get crushed. We  comfortably turn a blind eye to the inequality being meted out and sufferings of others . Even if there is an uproar on any of these issues, it is forgotten over time and people fall back into their routine. Is it because we cannot care or we choose not to?

The ones who have the power to do anything are too busy ensuring their position of power and status. Pointing fingers at others faults, they successfully evade any responsibility. Most of us commoners,  are so involved in managing our lives  that we hardly even consider glancing at the world beyond. When I came across this video, I found it so hard to watch it even for 10 minutes. The blatant truth made me burn with shame on having become a Nero’s guest myself – a silent spectator, watching the injustice being dished out. The only silver lining I could see here is that, at least a section of people are trying to make some difference with their dogged attempts and catching the attention of the public.

What is a world without any morals? What is a world without any culture of living? What is a world without humanity?

Maybe the Mayans did have it right. Maybe they did know what they were talking about after all. We interpreted the prediction as the end of the physical realm. I personally feel that they must have been referring to the breakdown of the society and humanity ceasing to exist with it. Is this the world that we want our future generations to grow in? Even if one can’t bring about social reform overnight, the least one could do is change his/her attitude. Quoting MJ “I am starting with the man in the mirror“. This doomsday prediction is a wake up call. A chance to right the imbalance. Also, a  dire warning that if we continue on this destructive spiral, then the day would indeed be rightly marked as the beginning of the end of the world as we knew it.

Good luck and best wishes for 2013 folks!

Submitting this for the Weekly Writing Challenge on Dystopia
The present world itself is bordering on the verge of an irreversible societal breakdown.


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