It All Ends…

A decade and 8 movies later, the Potter-mania reached its conclusion on-screen with the final installment Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows : Part 2 being released. A final tempestuous battle between the good and the evil – a soulless villain and a 17 year old boy. With this, the fictional writer J.K.Rowling took a final bow, with this saga making her not only a millionaire but also a household name.

This movie captures the struggle of three 17 year olds set out to defeat the evilest of all villains (with almost no nose) – Lord Voldemort. The flashback of the usually menacing and evil Professor Snape was unexpectedly very touching. The final battle was indeed epic and well shot with liberal use of CGI as Hogwarts was set ablaze in the quest of eliminating evil from the world of magic once and for all.

Despite the stunning effects, there was a tinge of disappointment as the movie ended. As usual the plots that were not tied to the trio were neglected. Though the last movie was a better effort at trying to cover the entire story, for an avid fan there was always something missing in every movie. Warner Bros ALMOST nailed it. It is a known fact that the movies deviated a lot from the actual books. Probably it is unfair to expect the intricate and complex plot to be reproduced verbatim as the later books ran to hundreds of pages. But they could have gone in for a “Directors cut” like the LOTR.

All this apart, this movie does bring down the final curtains on the magical journey set forth since 1999 when Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published. No more Quidditch, no more Defence against the Dark Arts and no more Avada Kedavra. All’s well that ends well and in this case with a lot of magic 🙂


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