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Not just a journey….

I remember how I used to wait to journey by train when I was a small child! We do become jaded in our ideas as we grow older, but in truth, there is no other mode of transport that gives so much satisfaction and joy as a train! Trains have existed since time immemorial and are the best ways to take an individual from one destination to another.

Watching the world outside as it moves backward in a trice. The beautiful landscapes to be replaced by newer ones. Ever seen the early morning sun rise while sitting in a train?? It is one of the most beautiful sights.The far away foggy hills acting like a veil to conceal the crimson glow. Birds flying across the amber sky leaving trails of songs and happiness behind. The misty ground vanishing below the wheels of the train. Dewdrops settled over the flowers sparkling as the first beam of sunlight hits them. Lined trees, the sunlight playing hide and seek between the leaves, vast expanse of lush green fields, backwaters. Watching the clear smoke from the engine line up the sky (electric trains are boring) .The smoky patterns which slowly merge with the clouds. Those long river bridges to gaze at our reflection in the clear blue water below. Cuddled away in one of the seats sipping on a cup of hot tea taking the sights in…Sigh!!!

Next, the co-passengers. Well that depends on whether lady luck is smiling at you or not. If she is, you will find yourselves amidst friendly people with whom you can have fun with the entire journey. If not, then well, less to talk about what is in store. Whatever be it you get to meet new kinds of people and you get a chance to widen your social circle. When you reach your destination you are thrilled and eagerly waiting to get started again. A train journey can be called an adventure in itself given to the amount of thrills and excitement it holds.

Our life is also like a train journey which has a start and a destination. At the start, when we do not know what is in store for us, we are filled with anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm. One has to plan out his/her life just like any other journey. One is accosted by so many varied situations and people and from that one can learn quite a lot of. After crossing several obstacles and experiencing joy and grief, when one reaches the destination, the happiness felt is unparalleled.


2 thoughts on “Not just a journey….”

  1. good one ro :)the conclusion could have been more detailed… the first 3 paras are really good 🙂 makes u remember the last good journey u had :)a fine post 🙂

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