The World Has Shrunk! But….

Welcome to the era of communication….
This period is considered to the beginning of rapid development in communication. Children of the forthcoming generations may laugh while listening to the stories about how information was conveyed from one place to another. This field has come a long way starting with messengers on foot, birds then slowly progressing to telephones, telegraphs, radios and now it stands at internet, mobile phones! The development has been tremendous!
Today, sitting at your house with a phone you can catch up with the happenings of the world and keep yourself updated. News and information is just a click or a message away. Information is transmitted many times faster than it used to be. A point to be noted is that telecommunication is one of the few industries that has not been affected even during the recession period. This showcases the power and potential of this industry. 3G- one of the latest developments in this field is set to be released in a while and there is no doubt that this technology will take this industry to new heights and causing a revolution.
The obvious inference is that the world has shrunk to a great extent. It is now possible to access even the remotest parts of the world thanks to this emerging industry. You can travel around the world in a short span of time. There are so many tools at one’s disposal now. But…
The question to ponder over is that the world has shrunk, but at what cost?What is the point of all these advancements when relationships are falling apart, when people no longer care about anything? People are just so tuned into their jobs and are so focussed on making money that they barely find it important to spend time with anyone leave alone themselves! People are slowly forgetting that they need to live together as a society. One must keep in mind that such developments are futile if such an attitude exists among the people. This prevalent attitude must be clipped at its roots else it can make things worser than present. Else it will be too late to rectify and rise again…


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